Oakwood Animal Hospital Pet Annual Wellness Plans

Keep your pet healthy.

Paw Plans

At Oakwood Animal Hospital we have always emphasized the importance of preventive medicine-the type of medicine intended to protect, promote and maintain your pet’s health. Though there are circumstances where intense and emergent intervention is necessary, our goal has always been to detect abnormalities early. This is when intervention is often least invasive and of greatest benefit. As the science of veterinary medicine has progressed, we have developed advanced diagnostic tools to help identify early stages of disease in pets before they become ill. We also possess safe and effective vaccines to prevent many infectious diseases and several easy to administer medications to reduce parasitism and its zoonotic potential. These advances, when combined with routine examinations have allowed us to improve the quality and longevity of our patients’ lives.

Providing excellent preventive care for our patients often comes with an increased financial cost to our clients. In response to this concern, we are proud to introduce PAW Plans—annual wellness plans that bundle our preventive services, reduce overall costs and distribute these costs over the course of a year.

These wellness plans, developed by our doctors, cover the fundamental needs of a patient during each stage of his or her life. They include essential exams, diagnostics and vaccinations. For issues of unexpected illness or for needs specific to your pet (ex: health certificate for a dog that travels or Feline Leukemia vaccine for a cat that goes outdoors) a 15% cost savings for services (not products) is given to all PAW Plan enrollees as a “thank you” for choosing us as your exclusive preventive care provider.

Enrollment will not only provide savings for services already recommended annually by our doctors, but will allow early disease detection. Ultimately, focusing on preventive medicine and early intervention has the potential to reduce the need for invasive, stressful and costly medical/surgical procedures over your pet’s lifetime.

Interested in quality care for an affordable price? Watch our Pet Annual Wellness Plans video to learn more about our wellness plans for healthy pets!

Help your pet live a long and healthy life. Call Oakwood Animal Hospital at 269-993-3450 or submit the Wellness Plan form to obtain more information about our PAW Plans.